In just 18 months I took natural soaps, made in my kitchen in rural Wales, into every major supermarket chain in the UK. I also sold my soaps to Harrods,  House of Fraser and numerous high end hotels and gift shops throughout the world. There are currently 21 products that I created for clients on sale in Fortnum and Mason, Harrods and Waitrose.  I understand the challenges ahead of you because I have lived them, breathed them and survived to tell the tale.  I am the author of 3 internationally published, best selling books on  soap and natural cosmetic making (and 27 books on other craft subjects).  Named by The Sunday Times as 'The Delia Smith of Soap making'  I am credited with introducing the modern craft of natural soap making into Europe.  The one thing I have learnt on my journey is that an investment in expertise is the most cost effective investment you can make.  

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